Sell auctions

When depositing a lot, the auctioneer gives a first estimate and studies the best conditions of sale for the depositor: designation, section, catalog, advertising... The seller can set a minimum, confidential reserve price, below which the item will not be sold. The A B C auction room reserves the right to accept or not a lot.

Delivery of a lot by the seller

The seller receives a copy of the deposit slip with the description, estimate and possible reserve price of the item.

Seller fees:

* 15%, including VAT, to be deducted from the hammer price of the lot.
* 3€ to 5€ per lot for file management fees including insurance may be charged to you.
Special conditions for professionals as well as large depositors.



Six weeks after the sale.
These conditions apply to any deposit, the seller is deemed to accept them by the sole fact of depositing the goods.

The depositor guarantees to A B C Auction Room that he is the owner of the property he is putting up for sale and that it is free from all charges, recourses or obstacles of any kind.

At the expense of the depositor vis-à-vis the A B C auction room or the buyer, all costs, all claims or recourse, generated by the intervention of a third party regarding the ownership of the lot.

The depositor cannot recover the item put up for sale before it is sold at public auction, without prior and express agreement from the auction room.

The depositor does not have the right to bid on a property that he has put up for sale, in person or through any intermediary whatsoever.

Unsold lots must be withdrawn within 30 days or offered in a later sale, after having reduced the reserve price by 30%. The A B C Auction Room reserves the right to what happens to lots that remain overdue, not withdrawn within 30 days or not put back on sale in a subsequent sale.

The A B C Auction Room is in no way responsible for the default of a buyer, if within fifteen working days following the sale, the lot is not paid for by the buyer.
The A B C Auction Room will notify the depositor and decide on the measures to be taken against the buyer. The depositor will in no case be entitled to late payment interest and the sale will simply be canceled if no payment reaches us.